Blankiegram Bravery Inspirational Throw Blanket for Strength Encouragement & Perseverance The Perfect Caring Gift



Do you know a man, woman, or child?whose courage and bravery you would like to celebrate?? Or someone who is experiencing a situation in which they especially need to summon those traits?? This super soft and cozy throw blanket is a perfect way to honor these wonderful people in your life, reminding them of their own bravery! Wrap them in a warm and comfy reminder?that?reflects your deep care for them. BLANKIEGRAM CARES ABOUT GIVING BACK?: Your purchase helps us support folks facing life??s challenges. By donating Blankies to people who might otherwise not receive a gift of loving encouragement, together we can make a difference in people??s lives. It is our desire to share our message of caring support and thereby help make the world a place of greater warmth and love.? Our ambitious goal is to ??Cover the World in Hugs?? and touch the hearts of those in need. A SOFT EMBRACE WITH INSPIRING WORDS!?? Instead of sending conventional flowers that will fade away or a greeting card that will soon be set aside, send your healing support to family or friends with a cozy,?soft,?snuggly blanket decorated with inspiring messages.? Each BlankieGram throw blanket is an enduring reflection of your care and love.? COLORS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!?BlankieGram has given careful thought into the selection of each color.?Every color has been chosen for its special qualities ?C qualities that help to soothe the soul and?recharge and energize the spirit. The color Gray brings us rest and allows ourselves to escape our surroundings, if even just in meditation, giving us time to rest and tend to ourselves.?Gray is a balanced color and helps to promote a calming and harmonious effect on one’s mind, body & spirit. CUSTOM LUXURIOUS FABRIC / NO SHEDDING OR SHRINKING!?? BlankieGram stands out from the crowd because we use only the finest custom high-end quality materials from which to craft our super soft and ultra-comfortable throw blankets.? Your BlankieGram will be there with your warm and inviting message for years to come!


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